#PSA Rogers Offering Up A Deal To Existing Customers: 4GB For $50 A Month

Let’s face it. Canadians pay the highest rates in the world for their cell phones. Something that keeps getting highlighted over and over again. Take this example where Canadians are using comparatively little data – about one gigabyte – compared to people in other countries, but Canadian carriers are making far more money than their counterparts anywhere else.


That’s why when I heard about this retention plan from Rogers via Red Flag Deals that gives you all of this for $50 a month, my wife jumped on it:

  • 4GB Data
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
  • Unlimited Sent & Received Text, Picture & Video Messages
  • Call Display and Voicemail
  • 2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Waiting

Here’s the catch. You have to be out of contract or you are a Rogers customer who brings their own device. You can NOT activate a new line with this plan. Also, the reps might say that the plan is not eligible for Rogers Roam Like Home feature, but that is likely not true. It is also further confirmed by this text that my wife got:

We’re confirming you’ve been opted-out of Roam Like Home. So this means the next time you travel to the U.S. any other included destination around the world, standard roaming rates will apply. You can still decide to re-enroll in Roam Like Home at any time by visiting www.rogers.com/m/roam or by texting “travel” to 222 from your device.

So this implies that my wife can re-enroll in Roam Like Home. But she likely won’t as I have said many times, you get way better deals using an unlocked phone and a local SIM card when you travel versus roaming with any Canadian carrier. In her case, she has a iPhone that is locked to Rogers, but I will be upgrading it to an unlocked iPhone 7 shortly. Making the lack of Roam Like Home irrelevant. One other thing, you have to go to Rogers retention department to get this deal. The reps on the front line claim to know nothing about it.

So why is Rogers offering up this deal? Apparently they are bleeding customers to Public Mobile and Koodo (Both owned by Telus) and Virgin (Owned by Bell) who are aggressively going after Rogers customers. Clearly Rogers had to do something to stop that from happening. It’s amazing what happens when Canadian telcos actually have to compete against each other.

To give you an idea how much you can save, my wife took advantage of this deal. Before this deal she was paying $80 a month for 1 GB of data plus $5 a month for visual voice mail for her iPhone 6. Now she is paying $50 a month for 4 GB of data plus $5 a month for visual voice mail for her iPhone 6. A savings of $30 a month or $360 a year. Plus she gets four times the data.


And to top it all off it was very painless to do which is extremely unusual for Rogers as dealing with them is often painful by default. I encourage anyone who fits this use case to take advantage of this deal which expires December 31st.


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