iOS Update Fixes WiFi Related Security Vulnerability

If you’re running iOS 10.3, you should check for updates because iOS 10.3.1 is out and it’s sole purpose is to keep you safe. You see, this update according to the security notes the update seems to only fix a problem where a remote attacker could pwn the iDevice if it was in range of it over WiFi. If there are other fixes in this update, Apple’s not telling as there’s nothing of value in the usual places to look for this info on Apple’s site.

One thing to consider is that iOS 10.3 popped up last Monday. Thus this implies that this issue was found and fixed inside of a week which is pretty impressive.


2 Responses to “iOS Update Fixes WiFi Related Security Vulnerability”

  1. […] this week I pointed out that Apple had come out with iOS 10.3.1 a week after coming out with iOS 10.3. It’s sole […]

  2. […] I should note that this fix is available for iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. Not to mention macOS users running 10.12.5 and 4th Generation Apple TV users. Which is good as this is not the first time that Apple has fixed an issue where a device could be pwned via WiFi. […]

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