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Bunz Can Help With Gift Giving This Holiday Season

Posted in Commentary with tags on November 22, 2017 by itnerd

It may sound strange, but the barter economy is exploding. You read that right.

Both Rolling Stone and The New York Post  have recently reported on this phenomenon, which is picking up steam in a big way. This cash-free lifestyle has become massively popular among urban millennials, who face job precarity, rising rents, increases in the cost of living, and of course, consumer debt.

Gift-giving season is in full swing, and 2017 consumer debt is has already surpassed last year’s all-time high, soaring to 168% of household income in Canada, and to nearly 13 trillion dollars in the USA. This has led people to seek relief to the pressures of holiday spending. Enter Bunz. 

The Bunz platform facilitates barter trades between people, and is available on iPhone, Android and on web at It has over 1.2M items to peruse, offer on and trade for.

People use the Bunz app as a fun way to declutter, help the environment, and meet other locals, while saving you money. The app launched in 2016 and has seen nearly 200,000 members join the community, who are now finding items for holiday wish lists, exchanging them cash-free, for things they simply don’t use any longer.

The premise is simple – users post items they are no longer using, whether it be clothing or wine, books or knick-knacks, and then post a list of what they are In Search Of (ISO). Offers are made, plans arranged, exchanges are made, and people walk away happy with their trade.

Bunz is centralizing gift-worthy items under the banner of #GiftIt, a hashtag Bunz members have been using to categorize their items as new, still in the box, or still with tags on. Visiting the #GiftIt search page will provide members with thousands of items to choose from.

This holiday, Bunz continues to pave the way for people to save money, find treasures, and gift without guilt of debt or overspending. Be among the first to cover this trending behaviour as it continues it’s astronomic rise.

Bunz To Launch New Series: Fare Trade

Posted in Commentary with tags on October 10, 2017 by itnerd

Bunz, in partnership with Floating Island Entertainment + Crazy Shirt Productions announced FARE TRADE this morning, a new comedy series coming to Bell Fibe TV1 and, releasing on Tuesday October 31.

The 5-episode arc stars Ana Golja (of Degrassi: Next Class), Darrell Faria (Life with Boys) and Erin Carter(Murdoch Mysteries), alongside an impressive list of cameos from people such as David Hayter (Screenwriter of X-Men, X2, Watchmen, and the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid), Grace Lynn Kung (Star Trek: Discovery), Julian Richings (Man of Steel, Orphan Black) and more.

Details are in the attached press release, and the trailer can be seen at their Facebook page.

Bunz Podcast Network Announced

Posted in Commentary with tags on April 28, 2017 by itnerd
Fresh new voices are coming out of the passionate & intelligent Bunz community, and now they’re getting microphones via the creation of the Bunz Podcast Network.
Their flagship podcast, ISO is already 44 episodes deep .  Recent guests have included Viceland host/recording artist Cadence Weapon, Spacing co-founder and author Shawn Micallef and comedians Nirvanna The Band The Show.
Four new shows are being added to the mix:
  • The Crystal Ballroom – a show where bands get their tarot cards read, and discuss their past, present and future as artists. Upcoming guests include Tokyo Police Club and The Darcys.
  • 2084  a show about sustainability, hosted by documentary filmmaker (“Sustainable Joes”) Stephen Szucs, who lived off the grid for a year in Toronto, while producing only a single bag of garbage.
  • You Gotta Love It – a show in which two hosts (and guests) debate the merit of pop culture’s best and worst triumphs. Recent guests include animators from Rogue One.
  • And coming soon… Girly Mags – a show where a comedians wax nostalgic about their childhoods by reading 90s teen magazines and taking the quizzes.
The network’s producer, Kohji Nagata has written a blog for us about the new shows, found here:

The content that they produce ranges from lighthearted and quirky, to exchanging ideas around serious issues like emergency responders & sustainability. All hosts are Bunz members, and the shows’ themes reflect some of the pillars of the Bunz ethos, particularly around the idea of taking something old and making it new again (Girly Mags), acting to improve the world around us (2084), finding common ground (You Gotta Love It), and making meaningful connections (Crystal Ballroom).


Bunz Evolves From Its Facebook Roots With New App Update

Posted in Commentary with tags on February 7, 2017 by itnerd

Bunz, the app that spawned a community-driven movement in Canada, is poised to break globally with their latest app release, their largest yet.

It’s been a very big year for the Toronto-based startup. Since launching in January 2016, the app (based on the popular Facebook group) has amassed 100,000 members onto the platform, in nearly every major city in Canada, and in over 250 cities around the world. Originally centred on cashless bartering, the app provided an essential service for thousands of people as they exchanged things they no longer needed, for things they did.

Bunz responds to a need being felt by Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Household consumer debt is at an all-time high, surpassing even our national GDP; vacancy rates in cities are plummeting, and national unemployment is creeping higher each month. These are issues that existing social networks haven’t been able to respond to, effectively. The introduction of the latest update from Bunz aims to change that. They call it: The City Network.

What is The City Network? It’s a way for people to get the things they need from the city they live in, sourced from their neighbours. It’s not about social networks or marketplaces, it’s a reliance on strangers to help fill the gap between your real life and your online life. It’s about people coming together in their neighbourhoods. They share resources, advice, and lean on each other which make the city a little safer and a lot more friendly.

Bunz defined what it means to be a Torontonian in 2016. In 2017, the world will discover why Bunz and The City Network is the resource they’ve been waiting for. Get the app on the App Store and on Google Play.