HP’s EliteOne 800 G3 Healthcare Edition All-in-one Announced

HP Inc. announced the HP EliteOne 800 G3 Healthcare Edition All-in-One (AiO), a purpose-built AiO based on the world’s most secure and manageable PCs tailored to combat customer pain points like security, infection control, and telemedicine in the healthcare industry.


With healthcare data breaches up 23 percent in the past year and stolen patient medical records costing organizations up to $355 per record – the highest in all industries – healthcare providers need more security protection than ever before. The EliteOne Healthcare Edition is equipped with HP’s comprehensive security features like HP Sure Start Gen3 BIOS protection, HP Multi-Factor Authenticate, HP WorkWise and the HP Manageability Integration Kit to protect the healthcare sector from ever-increasing cyber-attacks, ransomware and malware.

Physical security from infections is also a major concern, as 1 in 25 hospital patients develops a hospital acquired infection. The EliteOne Healthcare Edition is designed for increased sanitization with a glass cover that healthcare professionals can wipe using commonly-used sanitizing agents without worrying about damaging the screen. The device also comes with the IP-65 rated HP USB Keyboard & Mouse Healthcare Edition, meaning that it can be wiped down with commonly used germicidal agents without damage.

Simultaneously, with experts estimating that telemedicine will grow 35 percent per year, video and audio conferencing are playing an increasingly important role in care delivery. That’s why the EliteOne Healthcare Edition offers collaboration and premium audio features, such as HP Audio Boost, HP Noise Cancellation and audio by Bang & Olufsen, so healthcare providers can have crystal clear audio communication with patients, even if they’re thousands of miles away when tending to them.


The HP EliteOne 800 Healthcare Edition AiO will be available in July for a starting price of $1,299.

For more information on the HP EliteOne 800 Healthcare Edition AiO and other HP healthcare solutions, visit: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/healthcare/clinician-access.html.


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