Tips From Waze For Your Summer Road Trip

Just in time for summer road trips, here’s a reminder that Waze is Canada’s most popular driving and navigation app and it boasts features that will helps get the best route.

Thanks to technology, going anywhere in the summer is easier than ever.

Waze Features:

Fellow Users Are Looking Out For You.

You never drive alone with Waze. When using the app, icons pop up when fellow Wazers note that there are traffic jams, police, or road hazards ahead. It allows a driver to plan alternate routes

Planned Drives + Waze Calendar

Waze can connect with your iPhone, Android or Google calendar to send you a push notification reminder to let you know what time to leave based on real-time traffic conditions.


Weather you’re at home or away Waze can help you find parking before you leave for your destination.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Drivers can share ETAs with other Wazers and you don’t have to text them to let them know you’re late. People from your contact list automatically receive a text message with your estimated arrival time.

Find Gas Wherever You Are and Save When You Fill Up

Every driver has gotten into “empty tank” jams when driving in unfamiliar places. Waze solves this situation wherever you are. Under Gas Stations & Prices a list of gas stations near you will pop up and it will include the per-litre price.

Personalized Voice Recorder

Customize your drive with turn-by-turn voice prompts in your own voice. This new feature allows you to record your own directions and reports while navigating with Waze.

Check out Waze here.


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