Report Says China Not Cracking Down On VPNs…. Maybe

So, remember that story from earlier this week where I told you that China was going to crack down on VPN usage in the country. Well… There’s this report courtesy of The Paper  which thee folks over at Engadget spotted claims that China isn’t planning a blanket ban. In a statement, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information said that “authorized” VPNs such as domestic and international companies, won’t be affected. Whatever authorized means exactly.

So, all this report has done is made something that looked pretty black and white and turned it into grey. Lovely. If I were a betting man, I would bet on a VPN ban going into effect. Thus if you happen to be travelling to the country in 2018 and you need to use a VPN while you’re there, don’t plan on it working.



One Response to “Report Says China Not Cracking Down On VPNs…. Maybe”

  1. […] of course ties into a story that I’ve been reporting on for the last month or so. This of course has VPN operators nervous. Marty P. Kamden, […]

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