#Fail: Rogers Unable To Activate Cable Modems For Internet Customers

From the “you’ve got to be kidding me” department comes the this from Rogers. It seems that since yesterday, customers who sign up for their Internet offering or need to swap modems for whatever reason, cannot get service. The core issue revolves around the fact that whatever infrastructure that they have that activates their cable modems the first time they appear on their network is not working. Thus it is keeping new and existing customers who have had them modems swapped offline. Now to be clear, if you don’t fit either one of these use cases, this is a non-issue for you. But if you do fit one of these use cases, you’re likely not a happy camper as evidenced by this:

Now I became aware of this because of a client who called me in desperation as Rogers couldn’t get her modem online due to the fact that she had to swap a failed modem for a new one. When I spoke to their tech support last evening, they had no ETA for resolution. Nor can tech support do anything to assist customers. Seeing as this outage is going into the second day, it must be costing them lots of money, the goodwill of their customers,  as well as tying up their phone lines with angry customers calling in to complain. As I type this, the client who called me is still without service, and is considering moving to Bell if for no other reason than to spite Rogers. Hopefully for their sake, this issue gets resolved today and that does not happen. But given the RogersApple Watch Series 3 debacle, another customer’s issues with Rogers, and my own personal issues with Rogers, it really seems that all is not well with Canada’s largest telco at the moment.

UPDATE: A reader pointed me towards Canadian Outages which has complaints piling up. And judging from what I am reading, Rogers isn’t making many friends when it comes to their ability to provide their customers with Internet service.

UPDATE #2: I have a follow up to this story here.

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