The Rogers Outage MAY Be Ending As More People Are Coming Back Online

It seems that more people are coming back online from the almost week long outage that kept some Rogers TV, home phone and Internet customers offline. Overnight I got these Tweets from readers of the blog:

But there are still many who continue to be offline:

So it looks like there continues to be progress in terms of getting people back online. But it also seems that this issue cannot be filed under the “resolved” pile. Adding to this are the people who are looking for compensation for this outage, along with those who are fed up and are looking to leave Rogers for the competition. In terms of compensation, if I were Rogers, I would be very proactive on that front. But only after all customers are online.

Watch this space for updates.

UPDATE: I just got an email from a Rogers customer who is none too happy with the telco. I’ve reprinted his email below:

Rogers continues to lie to me and really need to get their message straight. Rogers store where I got a new modem says that they have no idea about failure to activate new modems (this was on Monday)….also getting message that everyone is getting hooked back up…really???…so I guess I’m just the unfortunate one…sorry for the inconvenience…and sorry we have no idea when we’ll be able to hook you back up (finally a kernel of truth)…even senior management is frustrated…really??? Goodbye Rogers..hello TekSavvy…5 days without service and counting…

This is another data point in terms of the challenge that Rogers has when it comes to putting this issue to bed once and for all. Hopefully as people are coming back online, Canada’s largest telco is formulating a plan to assuage the discontent within its user base.

UPDATE #2: A look at Canadian Outages indicates that people are continuing to come back online, and there is some scale to it. Thus I really think that there’s a light to the end of this tunnel.

UPDATE #3: The Rogers customer who sent me the e-mail above is online as of a few minutes ago. He’s now waiting to see if Rogers compensates him for this before he decides if he will leave Rogers or not.

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