BREAKING: Rogers Now Saying That There’s A “Secondary” Issue Keeping People Offline

Here’s another twist in the ongoing saga of the Rogers outage that has affected a client of mine along with untold others for the last few days. Rogers on Sunday promised that things would be up and running by that evening. Which by today was proven that they didn’t bring people online as promised. And to top it off while some people got online today, many didn’t.

The latest plot twist can be found in these Tweets that were just posted to the Rogers Helps Twitter account:

This is quite literally unbelievable. By that I mean that I am having a hard time believing this. Why? From where I sit, a significant number of Rogers customers are still not online as I type this. And they have been for days. Given how long this has been going on and the sort of resources that Rogers must be throwing at this, this new issue cannot be plausible.

Predictably, this isn’t going over well on Twitter:

The fact is that at this point, Rogers can kiss whatever credibility that they had goodbye as none of their users who are offline are likely to believe what Rogers is saying.

Consider this to be a full blown PR crisis that is spiraling out of the control of Rogers.

UPDATE: An increasing number of people are coming back online. Details here.

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