Kaspersky Says It Obtained NSA Hacking Tool Source Code Via Their AV Software

Well, this doesn’t look good.

Kaspersky who is under siege because they are allegedly working with Russian spies, and who have spent months denying that had to admit to something that will make them look like they are working with Russian spies. They have admitted that it obtained the source code of National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tools via anti-virus software running on a PC in the US. They put out a statement that detailed what they found when they looked into the claims that they were responsible for stealing these tools. In short, they found that they did steal these tools because the Kaspersky AV software running on the PC in question thought it was a new and different strain of the Equation malware source code. So it promptly scooped it up and sent it back to Mother Russia for analysis.

The bottom line from the company: We did it but it was accidental.

I’m not sure that’s going to calm the waters here seeing as this plays into part of the narrative that Kaspersky are the bad guys. So I suspect that if they want to get people to trust them again, they are likely going to need to do better than this.





2 Responses to “Kaspersky Says It Obtained NSA Hacking Tool Source Code Via Their AV Software”

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