#Fail: Google Play Protect Can’t Protect You From Malware

Google has a new initiative to reduce malware in the Android ecosystem. Called Google Play Protect, it’s supposed to catch the bad stuff before it ends up on your Android  smartphone. Because lots of bad stuff ends up on Android smartphones. And that’s a big problem.

However, it appears that it will not do much for you. Tests by German malware experts AV-Test indicate that Google Play Protect detected just 65.8 percent of recent malware samples, rising to 79.2 percent of malware of around a month old. Meanwhile, third party solutions caught pretty much everything that was thrown at it. The net result was that Google Play Protect finished dead last in this test.

I’m not sure what Google is going to do about it, but I know what you should do. Forget Google Play Protect and invest in a third party anti-virus app that was tested by AV-Test as it seem Google can’t protect you from the bad stuff that’s out there.



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