BREAKING: Rogers Still Recovering From Their Multi-Day Outage

While I did post a story that did a post mortem of Rogers multi day outage that affected who knows how many TV, Internet, and home phone customers yesterday, that shouldn’t imply that this crisis is over. I say that because Rogers appears to still be trying to bring people back online based on these Tweets that just popped up from the Rogers Helps Twitter account:

To be frank, I am not sure that customers who have been off line for over a week have any patience left. Take these Tweets for example:

Now based on the people that I’ve spoken to, Rogers has made significant progress in terms of resolving this. So hopefully Rogers gets the remaining customers who are still out online in short order. As in today. Because the longer this goes, the worse it gets for Rogers. Both from a PR standpoint and from a financial one as well.


4 Responses to “BREAKING: Rogers Still Recovering From Their Multi-Day Outage”

  1. […] UPDATE: Rogers is apparently still working towards bringing people back online. Details here. […]

  2. I have been out of internet service since Oct 19th. It seems to me that Rogers is trying to minimize the damage by saying the issue has been resolved way too earlier than the reality. Since I am with an ISP that is reselling Roger’s cable internet, I worry that Rogers will fix all of its direct customers before starting to support the resellers’ ones.

  3. […] user who swapped Rogers hardware offline for days at a time before service was fully restored to users with vague promises of compensation to boot. What didn’t help is the fact that during this […]

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