#Fail: Rogers Website Crashes During iPhone X Pre-Orders [UPDATED]

Canada’s largest telco can’t seem to catch a break lately.

At 12:01AM today, you could order an iPhone X. And from browsing around the Internet, it seems that many wanted to. But if you are a Rogers customer, you likely had issues doing so. Starting with the fact that their website crashed causing these sort of reactions on Twitter:

I guess this explains the “anemic” demand that Rogers was seeing for the iPhone 8. People were clearly waiting for the iPhone X. For the record, it seems that Telus and Bell pre-orders went off without a hitch from what I could tell. But in the case of Rogers, this latest issue is really not going to help their public image.

UPDATE: Rogers sent me a statement. I have printed it verbatim below:

I just saw your post about the website crashing and it is incorrect. We opened our pre-orders at 7am as scheduled and everything ran smoothly with no issues.

I believe the customer tweets you posted had the impression that pre-sales launched at midnight which is not accurate.

I’ll buy into that…. Though I will point out that a lot of customers must have had that impression as I got pinged by a whole lot of people overnight on this. And by a lot, I mean on the sort of scale that was in the vicinity of the multi-day outage that Rogers had. Perhaps Rogers may want to look at how this was communicated as clearly there was some sort of miscommunication.


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