BREAKING: Rogers Serves Up An Apology & Vague Promises Of Compensation For Multi Day Outage

While I will not take credit for this, it seems that Rogers has decided to take some of my advice from the post mortem that I wrote. Earlier tonight, Rogers posted this on the Rogers Helps Twitter account:

Some commentary about all of this. This apology is as the kids say, on point. It sets the right tone and expresses regret and sincerity.  The promise of compensation is vague, but I guess you can’t get into specifics into how you get compensation and what that looks like in 140 characters. I will be interested to see details on that in the coming days. I have  a tip for Rogers on that front in case they are actually taking my advice…. unlikely as that may be as I am sure that they have a crisis management group working behind the scenes. I would not leave details on compensation hanging out there too long. If it were me running the show, I’d have details on the street by Monday. Because if you leave it any longer, you risk burning the bridge that you’re trying to build.


5 Responses to “BREAKING: Rogers Serves Up An Apology & Vague Promises Of Compensation For Multi Day Outage”

  1. I am ONLINE! after 7 days 22 hrs. Not sure about root cause yet on this provisioning HITRON gateway/modem issue. More to come. Phoning TECH support is better than CHAT btw. It came up on its own this morn Fri 1015am Whitby. When 4th light “@” stays ON that is your clue to do the easy setup.

    • My new Hitron modem (received on mid Oct) has always have the “@” light on during the outage since Oct 19th. But it has never been able to get an external ip (ipv4) address. I wonder if it is a modem problem or Rogers issue.

      • what colour is yours? Mine was the NEW white one, the old black one was dropping wi-fi on cell phones, hence we were told on Oct 19th to get the new white one.

  2. @Ross, I have the black one. But it doesn’t have routing nor wifi features.

  3. […] swapped Rogers hardware offline for days at a time before service was fully restored to users with vague promises of compensation to boot. What didn’t help is the fact that during this multi-day outage, Rogers managed to […]

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