EXCLUSIVE: Apple Maps Lane Guidance Appears To Be Rolling Out In Canada

It appears that Canadians who have been waiting for Apple Maps to have lane guidance won’t have to wait anymore as it appears the feature is now rolling out in Canada. I captured these images of the feature in action on highway 403 west of Toronto via Apple CarPlay:



You see the above graphics about 1KM away from the exit or junction in question. On top of the visual cues, Siri will tell you to “take the two left lanes” or “take the right lane” about 150 meters out from an exit. This addition brings Apple Maps in line with Google Maps which has had this feature forever. Now I am continuing to test this feature as I have a couple of clients around the Greater Toronto Area to see, so if I notice anything else, I will update this post. Also, if you are in other parts of Canada and you see this feature, please leave a comment with a note as to where you are seeing this feature.

UPDATE: In testing I discovered that if you have two or more exits and you have to get off at the second exit, Apple Maps will choose the proper lane to get you off at the second exit without having to switch lanes. I also noted that the routing from place to place has changed for the better. The routes that Apple Maps generates seem to do a better job of avoiding traffic. Finally, lane guidance seems to only work on highways which is to be expected.



2 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Apple Maps Lane Guidance Appears To Be Rolling Out In Canada”

  1. Cool thx. Still no speed limits in Canada?

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