It Seems That Canadians Don’t Really Like Bell Canada

In the days since I posted this story and this story on Bell Canada’s sales tactics, I’ve gotten lots of emails and Tweets from people that make it clear that Bell Canada have really not made a lot of friends with Canadians. In fact, I have been pointed towards protest groups that have been set up in relation to Bell Canada and their activities. For example, I was pointed to a Google Community that has frequent postings about anything negative that Bell Canada does. Related to this, I also was pointed towards a Twitter feed called “Bell Canada Lies” that is similar to the Google Community.

The thing is that these two examples, combined with other things that I have seen in the last few days, is above and beyond anything that I have seen with any other Canadian telco. Bell Canada has a real PR issue that has existed long before I posted my stories on Bell. That’s a huge problem if you’re Bell. And the fact that people are bringing this to me is also not good for Bell. It says to me that Bell really needs to clean up its act and fast.


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