Lenovo Slapped With Stiffer Punishment Over Superfish Scandal

The last time I wrote about the Lenovo Superfish spyware, the FTC had slapped them on the wrist with a $3.5 million fine and some other stuff that I questioned if would deter similar behavior in the future. That changed with this settlement [WARNING: PDF] which forces Lenovo to do the following:

  • Not install any bloatware/adware/spyware/evil stuff without explicit user permission.
  • Open themselves up to third-party auditing for the next 20 years.
  • Create a “comprehensive” software security program to protect the data it has collected on customers as well as fix any security risks it identifies on its laptops and the apps they are running through the program.

This is actually good. Seeing as Lenovo pretty much installed spyware on laptops, the fact that they’re under this much scrutiny should send a message that this sort of behavior is not acceptable.


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