BluOS Makes Three Significant Announcements

Lenbrook International, developer of the BluOS wireless hi-res audio streaming technology made three significant announcements today.

The first announcement centers around their integration partnership with iPort and support for the iPort Surface Mount with Buttons and xPRESS Audio Keypad. Built into the next BluOS software release, the iPort integration will provide simple and direct access to key music functions including play/pause, track forward, volume control, and the ability to toggle through BluOS pre-sets.

The iPort Surface Mount with Buttons brings the richness of the BluOS app together with hard-button controls to create one, elegant command center for your music. Easy to install, easy to connect, and easy to operate, BluOS’ integration with iPort reinforces the trend of the accessible smart home. Using an iPad, the Surface Mount connects directly with BluOS enabled speakers and systems via Direct IP and can be fully programmed to work as the main control hub in popular control systems including Crestron, Control4, ELAN, RTI, and URC.

The xPRESS Audio Keypad is wireless, battery powered, and can be easily installed on any wall or magnetic surface and used as a convenient hand-held remote. Set up is simple with the iPort Connect App for iOS, making it easy connect to BluOS enabled devices via Wi-Fi, and giving users quick access to the critical functions of their music system. The xPRESS Audio Keypad is also decora-friendly and seamlessly disappears into most interior designs.

Custom installers, dealers, and homeowners can enjoy this integration later this month by upgrading to the next version of BluOS software and the latest apps for smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

Second, they announced their integration with Lutron Electronics and their leading Caseta Pro Wireless, HomeWorks QS, and Radio RA2 smart home lighting systems. Available later this month, the new BluOS software will give anyone in a connected home one-touch control of any BluOS enabled speaker or stereo system using a Lutron Pico Remote Control for Audio or any supported Lutron keypad.

Adding hi-res audio streaming and wireless multi-room control to Lutron lighting scenes is a perfect match for homeowners who are passionate about music. Lutron’s Pico Remote Control for Audio lets you play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and toggle through BluOS pre-sets, quickly and conveniently without using any other app or device. Whether you’re listening to coffeehouse jazz in the morning, or a dinner playlist with guests, your lighting and music can be combined together for a more intimate listening experience.

When a BluOS enabled speaker or system is connected to a Lutron Controller, a smart home device that uses Lutron’s proprietary ClearConnect wireless technology, playback commands can be sent from any Lutron keypad to any BluOS device inside the home. Both set up easily, either by a “DIY” homeowner or professional installer, and both are designed to work with the leading home automation systems alongside other smart home devices connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Custom installers, dealers, and homeowners can enjoy this integration later this month by upgrading to the next version of BluOS and downloading a BluOS CI setup utility.

Finally company announced major updates for its integration with the leading home automation systems, Control4, Crestron, and ELAN. Customer installers can now build and program integration systems with a trusted, full-featured music app that delivers lightning-fast hi-res streaming performance for all BluOS enabled speakers, systems, and multi-zone amplifiers.

By strategically aligning with the leaders in smart home automation, and through continued collaboration and development, BluOS will expand on these platforms and further its commitment to a professional, hi-res audio solution that can be trusted by dealers and integrators. Each driver is certified and has passed interoperability tests to provide seamless integration of BluOS functions including full playback controls, browsing and searching music streaming services, local input selection, access to pre-sets, and play queue management.


Working closely with ELAN’s development team and being one of the first to implement their new media renderer interface and streaming protocol, the new BluOS driver is currently in development and will bring a cutting-edge user interface and transport controls to the ELAN home automation system. Not only does this enhance music experiences for homeowners, it also means that a hi-res music distribution system can be perfectly integrated into existing control systems and work alongside other connected smart home devices with multi-level navigation. A working system will be on display at ISE with features that include a rich interface with album artwork, playback and volume controls, play queue management, and pre-set selections. 


With the new BluOS driver, version 2.8.1 available now in Control4’s Online Driver Database, Control4 home automation systems can be integrated with any BluOS enabled device from NAD Electronics or Bluesound Hi-Res Multi-room Streamers to provide blazing-fast response times for homeowners with little to no lag and full access to BluOS functions and commands. Additionally, certified Control4 installers and dealers can integrate BluOS into smart home projects with confidence that it will offer the best hi-res music experience. This new driver will be on display at ISE, with future developments and updates forthcoming that include new features and enhancements.


Completely re-designed and built specifically for the future of the custom integration market, the new BluOS driver for Crestron, version 2.0, utilizes the latest API enhancements and delivers exceptional functionality for Crestron’s control interfaces including touch screens, handheld remote controls, wireless keypads, and the Control4 app for mobile. Through rigorous field testing with certified Crestron installers, the driver was developed with the integrator in mind and provides support for browsing local content and music services, selecting inputs and pre-sets, managing the play queue, and direct access to playback controls.

BluOS is offered in a wide variety of hi-res audio solutions that meet the needs of music-loving homeowners and installers alike, with products ranging from NAD Electronics’ traditional hi-fi components and custom rack-mounted multi-zone amplifiers, to Bluesound’s award-winning line of all-in-one wireless speakers and streaming components. A premium music operating system and software recognized by the industry’s top brands and installers, BluOS is vertically integrated into the devices’ advanced hardware architecture. This allows custom integrators to install end-to-end solutions that offer rich, intuitive music experiences and custom control applications that seamlessly integrate with popular integration systems.

The Control4 and Crestron drivers are available now in their dealer portals, while the ELAN driver is scheduled to be released in the near future. All BluOS CI drivers are also available for download at and on under each support BluOS enabled product.




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