Bell Canada Back In The News Over Door To Door Sales Issues

It seems that Bell is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. This time, their door to door salespeople are accused of misleading customers. From the CBC:

Go Public has heard from a dozen Bell customers who say they, too, were misled when they signed up for products and services at the door.

Some say they’ve spent countless hours on the phone to Bell customer service reps, trying to reduce their bills to the original price promised at the door.


People who work at Bell call centres have also contacted Go Public to say it’s common to hear from customers who are fed up with bills that are higher than what’s promised at the door.  

They say besides door-to-door reps falsely guaranteeing prices, customers are promised they’ll receive channels they don’t get, or are misled about internet speeds that aren’t delivered.

It really seems that Bell has systemic problems being honest with their customers. If you take into account everything that happened last year with their call center employees being accused of something similar, you have to wonder why you would ever do business with this company. Something truly has to be done to fix this because clearly this is out of hand.

4 Responses to “Bell Canada Back In The News Over Door To Door Sales Issues”

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