Some iCloud Data Stored In Google’s Cloud….. What???

Apple and Google haven’t been the best of friends for some time now. Example, the late Steve Jobs threatened “thermonuclear war” on Android. So the fact that Apple apparently uses Google products as part of its cloud offering is a bit of a shock. Don’t believe me? Well, CNBC spotted this in the latest version of Apple’s  iOS Security document. For the record, Amazon services are also mentioned as being used by Apple in the same document.

Could this be a thawing of relations between the two companies? No. They’re more likely “frenimies“. Apple likely needed some extra resources for iCloud and Google was more than willing to get paid. Ditto for Amazon. So this is just like the relationship between Apple and Samsung. They aren’t friends, but that doesn’t stop Apple from buying displays for the iPhone X from Samsung. Thus, there’s nothing to see here. At least, not at present.


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