Your Android Phone Might Not Be As Secure As You Think

If you own a Android phone from Google, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nokia, TCL, and ZTE, but really any Android phone, you might not be getting the security patches that you need to keep your phone safe based on a recently released study:

The study found that outside of Google and its Pixel phones, well-known phone makers had devices that were missing patches that they claimed to have. “We found several vendors that didn’t install a single patch but changed the patch date forward by several months,” says SRL founder Karsten Nohl.

The number of missing security patches on phones varied between device makers. For example, Google, Samsung, and Sony devices were found to be missing 0 or 1 patches on average. Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Nokia devices were missing 1 to 3 patches on average, while HTC, Huawei, LG, and Motorola were missing 3 to 4 patches on average. Devices from TCL and ZTE fared the worst, missing an average of 4 or more patches that they claimed to have.

One of the huge problems with Android is that is is now so fragmented, and every vendor has filled it with their own custom stuff and they’ve done god knows what to the core of it. That’s horrible for the consumer as you are guaranteed to get this situation because it’s easier to fudge things than to come out with proper patches on a regular cadence.

Contrast that to those on team iOS where everything comes from Apple. Thus every iPhone user that has an iPhone made in the last five years give or take gets every security update that comes out. Sure iOS is a walled garden unlike the freedom that Android provides its users, but the wall surrounding that garden is pretty secure unlike Android.

While people are going to buy Android phones regardless of how insecure they are because they are cheap, Google and company need to do something about this. The fact is that you can’t have millions of phones running around out there which are wide open to being pwned. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.


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