Apple’s Crappy QA Strikes Again With Reports Of Hosed macOS Systems After Upgrading To 10.13.4

Wow, I remember the days when Apple stuff just worked. These days it just doesn’t work. I say that because reports are filling up places like StackExchange’s Ask Different with people upgrading to 10.13.4 and having issues with the upgrade. Specifically, they are hit with messages that “the macOS installation couldn’t be completed.” The initial install appears to be working fine, but when users go to shutdown or reboot an upgraded system, it goes into recovery mode. This issue appears to affect a broad variety of Macs.

Now some have gotten 10.13.4 to install by launching from Safe Mode, but others haven’t and are deciding to roll back and stick with 10.13.3 until Apple fixes whatever is wrong without admitting that it did anything wrong. Because after all, Apple doesn’t make mistakes.

So, what should you do. If you must upgrade to 10.13.4, make sure you have a backup. In fact, before doing an upgrade to any PC or Mac, you should be doing an upgrade. However, if I were you I would sit this one out for now as clearly Apple doesn’t have their act together.

You have to love Apple’s QA department who’s working hard to make sure the software the company releases is in tip top shape.

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