Petition Calls On Apple To Recall All MacBooks Made Since 2016 Because Of Flaky Keyboards

Apple’s butterfly keyboard design is something that has caused users of Apple’s newer MacBook and MacBook Pro models grief since it was released. In fact, I’ve avoided buying one of Apple’s latest and greatest keyboards even though I am due for a new MacBook Pro and I Tweeted about why recently:

Then it came to light that these keyboards fail twice as often versus the previous keyboards:

Now the bad press for Apple continues with news that a petition has been posted to force Apple to recall the butterfly keyboard and replace it with a “different working keyboard.” Now as I type this, just over 4400 people have signed this petition which is far from a trivial amount of people. Plus tech blogs around the planet have picked up this story which means that this will get more exposure. But the real question is, will Apple do anything about this keyboard?

My guess is no. Apple rarely apologizes for anything with the only examples that I can think of where they have used the word “sorry” in a sentence is for the Apple Maps fiasco and the #BatteryGate fiasco. Because after all, the folks at Apple Park don’t ever do anything wrong. Such is life in the reality distortion field. The thing that I see happening is that these butterfly keyboards get replaced by a new “innovation” from Apple when they refresh the MacBook and MacBook lines. Likely in June at their World Wide Developer’s Conference.

In the meantime, I will continue to nurse my mid 2015 MacBook Pro which has its AppleCare expire in August until a suitable replacement is available. And by suitable I mean one that doesn’t have a keyboard that is prone to failure like this one is.


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