Chatham-Kent Gets Bell’s All-Fibre Broadband Network…. That Is Right In Teksavvy’s Back Yard

I’ve been monitoring the progress of Bells new all-fibre broadband network which has rolled out in Toronto, Orillia, And a couple places east of Toronto. Up until now the clear target is Rogers as they seemingly have no answer for what Bell has to offer. But today it seems that Bell has now turned its attention to Chatham-Kent which is about three hours west of Toronto in terms of its next place to roll out their all-fibre broadband network. It’s also the HQ of Teksavvy which for years has offered far more affordable Internet and home phone services than either Bell or Rogers has been able to.

Service will initially be offered to Chatham and then it will be expanding to Blenheim, Ridgetown, Tilbury and Wallaceburg and Bell promises that the first customer connections will be in the fall. It will be interesting to see how both Rogers and Teksavvy react to this. Particularly the latter as this has to be seen as a direct threat to Teksavvy.


3 Responses to “Chatham-Kent Gets Bell’s All-Fibre Broadband Network…. That Is Right In Teksavvy’s Back Yard”

  1. On June 25th CK council announced agreement with Teksavvy to develop fibre-based telecommunications facilities throughout Chatham-Kent. $26m investment on Teksavvys part. Is this a race to beat Bell into the area?

    • It may be. Bell clearly wants to dominate Internet access so it would not surprise me if other providers started to fight back in whatever manner they can.

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