GrayShift Claims USB Restricted Mode In iOS 12 Is Already “Defeated”

And so the arms race has begun.

Hot on the heels of Apple admitting that it was looking to stop brute force password exploits via USB by the addition of USB Restricted Mode, GrayShift who makes the GrayKey devices which are popular among law enforcement for cracking into iPhones claims they’ve already “defeated” this feature:

“Grayshift has gone to great lengths to future proof their technology and stated that they have already defeated this security feature in the beta build. Additionally, the GrayKey has built in future capabilities that will begin to be leveraged as time goes on,” a June email from a forensic expert who planned to meet with Grayshift, and seen by Motherboard, reads, although it is unclear from the email itself how much of this may be marketing bluff. “They seem very confident in their staying power for the future right now,” the email adds.

That implies that GrayShift have a beta copy of iOS 12 and they’ve tested it against their devices to come to this conclusion. Assuming they’re telling the truth of course. Which means that as the beta process for iOS 12 continues, Apple will likely try to figure out what they’ve done and close those attack vectors. Then GrayShift will most likely try to find new attack vectors. Thus, the arms race has begun between the two companies. The question is, will either side come out on top?


One Response to “GrayShift Claims USB Restricted Mode In iOS 12 Is Already “Defeated””

  1. […] your phone and extract data. That’s sure to annoy both of those companies. Though the latter claims that it is already “defeated.” I guess we’re about to find out as the adoption rate of iOS is insanely high. Thus this […]

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