Apple Decides To Acknowledge #KeyboardGate With Free Repairs And Refunds

I guess the multiple lawsuits and bad press finally got to Apple as they have launched a new MacBook & MacBook Pro service program. They claim that a “small” amount of people are affected by these issues. But given the amount of noise that #KeyboardGate has caused, I doubt that’s true. Here’s what you need to know about this program:

  • If you have a keyboard problem, you can get it fixed for free at any Apple store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
  • If you have already paid for repairs, Apple will reimburse you.
  • Eligible MacBook and MacBook Pros are covered for 4 years from the date of purchase.

Will this quiet the noise caused by KeyboardGate? No. But at this point I guess they have to try something to try and make this go away.


3 Responses to “Apple Decides To Acknowledge #KeyboardGate With Free Repairs And Refunds”

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  3. […] lawsuits being filed over the issue which included three that I have reported on. This led Apple to extending free repairs on the keyboards to four years, even though they claim that this only was happening on a “small percentage” of […]

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