Why The Response By Apple To #KeyboardGate Is A #Fail

Apple late yesterday came out with a program that in their mind addresses #KeyboardGate by offering repairs to those suffering from keyboard problems in their MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop. Not only that, they will reimburse those who have already paid for repairs. Here’s the problem, this doesn’t address the problem and will only make the problem worse for Apple. Here’s why:

  1. They took forever to acknowledge the issue. And when they did, they said that only a small number of users were affected by this. Which anyone who’s looked into this issue will tell you is patently false and Apple knows that. Thus they’ve effectively insulted their user base which in my mind isn’t smart because their user base is loyal and insulting them will stretch that loyalty to the limit. If not destroy it.
  2. They’re likely going to replace these keyboards with the same keyboards. That’s a #fail because if this is a design flaw, which many think it is, a replacement keyboard will not address this. That will also test the loyalty of Apple users. Not to mention cost Apple a pile of money.

The fact is that this program is meant to blunt the multiple lawsuits and bad press. This is not a solution. The real solution is for Apple to acknowledge that this keyboard is a failure and go to one that works. I know they wanted to make their laptops as thin as possible. But this whole episode should show them that it wasn’t a good idea as there have been some really negative consequences to that decision.


One Response to “Why The Response By Apple To #KeyboardGate Is A #Fail”

  1. […] was happening on a “small percentage” of keyboards. Which of course is inaccurate and their response was lame from where I sit. Fast forward to the end of the summer when Apple released new MacBook Pros which […]

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