Review: Tile Mate With Replaceable Battery

I’ve reviewed Tile products three times over the years. In each review, I have had something like this to say:

The battery lasts a year and isn’t user replaceable. That basically makes this a subscription service as opposed to be something that you can use long term. 

As far as I was concerned, that was the number one weakness to an otherwise stellar product. That weakness has now been addressed with the release of the new Tile Mate and Tile Pro. It is the former that I’ll be reviewing today.

Now this looks like the original Tile from the front. But when you flip it over, you’ll see that it’s very different.

It has a cover that allows you to replace the battery.

It uses a CR1632 battery that should last about a year. And this one change solves the only weakness that this product ever had. Which is the fact that after a year the Tile would die and you would have to get another one because you could not swap the battery. Sure Tile has a program called reTile that allows you to replace your Tile at a discount of up to 50%. The new Tile will come with a prepaid envelope so that you can send back the old one to recycle. But that’s only true for those in the US. For those anywhere else on Earth, you can drop off your old Tile at your local e-recycling center. But that was less than ideal as the battery should have been user replaceable in the first place.

Besides the ability to replace the battery, there are other improvements to the Tile Mate. Starting with the fact that this Tile now has a range of about 150 feet. And the volume is 50% louder than in the past which is something that I really noticed. If those numbers don’t cut it for you, the Tile Pro does double those numbers. In either case those will make it much easier to find a lost item.

Another change that I noted since the last time I looked at Tile products is that the company now has a Premium service which gives you the following features:

  • Smart Alerts: You’ll get pinged on your phone if you leave someplace without items that are deemed to be important.
  • Free batteries.
  • Location history of your Tile enabled objects
  • Unlimited sharing of your Tiles with others
  • A warranty increase from 1 to 3 years.
  • Premium tech support

All of that goes for $29.99 USD a year. While I personally don’t see enough value to fork out the cash, you might. What hasn’t changed is that they are easy to set up, and you can use it to find your phone in a pinch. Not to mention that there are thousands of Tile users out there who can help you to find a lost item which while I’ve never had to leverage that is something that is nice to know.

In terms of pricing, each Tile Mate is $25 USD. But if you buy a 4 pack they’re $60 a pack. Which of course makes the latter a better deal. But here’s the bottom line. Tile has finally addressed the number one issue that this product had which is the lack of a replaceable battery. That makes Tile products something that I can finally recommend without reservation.

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