Text Message Spam & “Spam” Hit Rogers Wireless Customers

It seems that if you’re a Rogers Wireless customer, you’re getting hit spam and “spam.” I’ll start with the actual spam. Rogers customers seem to be receiving messages like this one:

Needless to say this is spam and it looks like a new version of this scam that I came across some time ago. Thus if you are a Rogers customer and you get one of these text messages, don’t click on the link. Instead, forward the message to 7726 (SPAM) and Rogers will investigate.

Now onto the “spam.” Something that blew up my inbox overnight is the fact that Rogers customers are getting text messages via Rogers  “GeoTxt” ad service which used to be called Rogers Alerts. It sends coupon offers when a user is geographically close to a Rogers partner. And this isn’t going over too well with customers.

Ryan Cash, the founder of Built by Snowman which is part of the reason why he has a blue checkmark on his Twitter account and his message to Rogers to the point. This is how Rogers responded:

In short, by being a Rogers customer it appears that you automatically opt in to this service. And that isn’t good as it kind of reminds me of the Negative Option Billing fiasco that blew up in 1996 here in Canada. Consumers reacted negatively to that at the time, and there seems to be a similar reaction now:

Rogers really would be well advised to change this practise ASAP as it clearly has upset customers. That doesn’t help with retention rates. Nor does it help with Rogers reputation. I’ll be watching to see what happens next in terms of Rogers addressing this or hoping that this blows over.

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