Bragi Reveals First Applications Of nanoAI

Bragi, the company behind The World’s First Hearable , confirmed in February of this year its long-term plan of developing AI on IoT devices. Nine months after the introduction of nanoAI, Bragi discloses the first pilot applications of its technology in cooperation with various industry leaders.

The amount of IoT devices deployed worldwide is exploding across all industries and cloud computing is overwhelmed with challenges that prevent IoT from scaling. For this reason, the center of data production and computing is transitioning from the cloud to the edge creating the need of IoT devices with a small but power efficient footprint.

nanoAI is a comprehensive ultra-efficient technology suite that enables computing and data analysis on the edge with the lowest memory and processing footprint to date; therefore, supports IoT devices to scale by reducing latency, increasing security and privacy and lowering cloud storage costs.

The development of this technology has allowed Bragi to further expand, besides the wearable industry, into the industrial, smart city and transportation industries.

As a first enactment of Bragi’s expertise within the wearable industry, the company offers a platform that provides smart features and tailored service integrations to customers belonging to the consumer electronics, logistics, industrial and governmental sectors. Thus, innovative business models and value propositions can be created allowing a next generation user experience of wearables. The offered technology is based on Bragi’s next generation IoT platform and the first deployment of customer specific solutions will be available Q2 2019.

Within the industrial, smart city and transportation industries, nanoAI can be applied in multiple ways and can retrofit existing solutions. nanoAI provides predictive maintenance capabilities to recognize malfunctioning parts in machinery, optimizes monitoring within an urban environment and provides the building blocks needed to support new business models within logistics.

The further development of Bragi’s B2B business unit has come with the acceptance of the company as a member of Industrial IoT Council, its inclusion in the appliedAI Ecosystemafter being recognized among the top 100 AI startups in Germany, and in the Nvidia Inception partner program.

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