VFEmail.net Pwned…. ALL Customer Emails Deleted

Hackers have breached the severs of email provider VFEmail.net and wiped the data from all its US servers, destroying all US customers’ data in the process:

The attack took place yesterday, February 11, and was detected after the company’s site and webmail client went down without notice. “At this time, the attacker has formatted all the disks on every server,” the company said yesterday. “Every VM is lost. Every file server is lost, every backup server is lost. This was more than a multi-password via SSH exploit, and there was no ransom. Just attack and destroy,” VFEmail said. The company’s staff is now working to recover user emails, but as things stand right now, all data for US customers appears to have been deleted for good and gone into /dev/null.

/dev/null is a UNIX/LINUX term for a deletion point with little to no hope of recovery. Think of a trash can that burns anything put into it. Which means that any customer who hosted email on this platform is likely screwed. I have to admit that I was blown away by the scale of this attack, and the fact that it was an attack in the purest sense. I can’t recall seeing anything like this before. I have to wonder if this is the start of a trend.

Another thing that popped to mind. Why did this happen in the first place? Why was this firm a target for this attack? I guess we’ll never know that.

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