A Look At The New Toronto Offices Of ServiceNow

ServiceNow who was recently named Forbes’ Most Innovative Company of 2018, is a cloud-based workflow solution that is on a mission to make work, work better for people through exceptional digital experiences. They  recently opened its new Toronto office – a 4,500 square-foot workspace designed to drive collaboration and creativity. Let me walk you through via some pictures taken by Corey Mehlenbacher starting with the Training Room which is important to keep staff up to speed:

ServiceNow - training room.jpg

Followed by a couple of pictures of the meeting room which looks pretty inviting:


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For a meeting that is more formal, there is this boardroom:

ServiceNow - boardroom.jpg

And since you can’t just work flat out all the time, there’s a lounge to relax in. I love the artwork on the wall as Service Now is clearly representing “the six” a.k.a. Toronto:

ServiceNow - lounge.jpg

Phone booths might be disappearing, but not at ServiceNow as they have one to have a private conversation. That’s important as this place is an open concept design:

ServiceNow - phone booth station.jpg

Work spaces in ServiceNow are pretty cool looking and are very different than what I am used to seeing in corporate environments:

ServiceNow - work space.jpg

Standing desks are in vogue at the moment as they are said to provide health benefits, including weight loss, reduced back pain, improved mental health, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and greater life expectancy. Which is why ServiceNow has invested in them:

ServiceNow - standing desk.jpg

The new Toronto offices of ServiceNow is right in Toronto’s business district. Having a inviting office makes employees more productive, encourages retention, acts as a recruitment tool, and it impresses clients. From the look of these pictures, it looks like ServiceNow has all of that nailed perfectly. As a result, their employees and customers will benefit from the work that they put into building this new office in Toronto.


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