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Salesforce has announced the general availability of myTrailhead, a learning experience platform that empowers organizations to create a culture of learning to continuously re-skill and skill up their employees. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution reshapes how we live and work, 33% of all in-demand skills will be new by 2020. With myTrailhead, organizations can skill up employees at scale with a reinvented and fun approach to learning that is customizable to their brand and personalized for every employee.

Shifting to a Continuous Learning Model in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings an incredible wave of new innovations from artificial intelligence to robotics. With technology changing so rapidly, companies need to look beyond traditional, one-size-fits-all education platforms and seek out new approaches to learning. In fact, workplace learning is a proven driver of success—employees who spend more than five hours a week learning are 39% more productive, 47% less stressed and 21% happier on the job. Yet, a majority of companies lack a culture of learning, creating a gap between the organization’s need to rapidly embrace new technologies and their employees’ existing skill sets. Companies need to close this gap to succeed and put a focus on learning at every stage of their employees’ career.

Introducing myTrailhead: Create a Culture of Continuous Learning
With myTrailhead, companies can combine the power of Trailhead, Salesforce’s personal learning cloud, with their own brand, voice and tone in just a few clicks. Using the guided set-up, companies can easily pull in their existing content (including videos or presentations), create custom new content or use the existing free, public Trailhead content to create their own culture of learning. Using myTrailhead, employees can learn what they want, when they want, and managers have visibility into their organization’s existing skill sets and areas for improvement. Now, organizations can:

  • Scale Onboarding — Help employees skill up at any level or stage in their career with custom learning paths called Trailmixes. For example, when an employee is being onboarded, their learning journey starts with an automated custom Trailmix assigned to them and built specifically for their role. Assignments could include a welcome video from a company’s CEO, a trail on navigating the first few months on the job, or even an overview of a company’s history and core values. Once an employee reviews the content and takes a short quiz, they’ll earn points and badges, which can be shared on their profile to showcase the new skill.
  • Empower Employees to Re-skill and Upskill — Employees can learn what they want, when they want with bite-sized content that’s available on desktop or on the go with mobile. The free, public Trailhead library includes more than 500 modules spanning tech skills (like Blockchain Basics) to soft skills (like Cultivating Equality at Work), with new content added every six weeks. For example, a service agent can learn how to better leverage AI-powered insights within their console or take a module to learn how to build an Einstein bot.
  • Track and Measure Learning — Leaders have a complete view of their employees’ skills and expertise with Trail Tracker, an app available on Salesforce AppExchange, which assigns, tracks and reports on badges earned by their team with pre-built reports and dashboards. Managers can also use Trail Tracker to drive and incentivize performance by giving employees real-time feedback and recognition for demonstrating new skills and inspire them to reach goals with assignments, ranks and leaderboards.
  • Create Integrated Learning Across Salesforce — Built on the Salesforce Platform, myTrailhead integrates with Salesforce applications like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. In-app recommendations surface relevant learning with automated assignments, recommendations and notifications triggered by events. For example, if a sales rep is having trouble figuring out when to convert a lead to contact in Sales Cloud, a trail would appear that would help them learn the process.

Availability and Pricing

  • myTrailhead is generally available. myTrailhead is priced at $25 per user per month as an add-on to any Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Platform license in Enterprise Edition or above.

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