Girl Rising Collaborates With HP to Support Refugee Girls

This year on International Women’s Day, Girl Rising, the nonprofit behind the global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment, will debut its second short film: Brave Girl Rising.

A 20-minute film written, performed by, and made in collaboration with refugees, Brave Girl Rising tells the story of Nasro, a 17-year-old girl whose courageous drive to continue her education is inspired by the dreams of her mother and the sisterhood of her friends.

Comprised of a star-studded team, the film is written by poet laureate Warsan Shire, voiced by Tessa Thompson, and Golden Globe-winner David Oyelowo, and directed by Oscar-nominated Richard E. Robins and Martha Adams.

With supporting sponsorship by HP, Girl Rising and fellow collaborators IRC, Amplifier and Citi are launching a new social action campaign about the plight of displaced girls everywhere. Education is Nasro’s lifeline and every day she must conquer formidable obstacles to basic survival and to what many consider a fundamental right: simply going to school. See below for key driving factors for the partnership:

  • Why Now: More than 68 million people in the world today have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Every two seconds, one person becomes displaced. Not since World War II have we faced a global crisis of this magnitude.
  • Why Girls: While awareness of the refugee crisis grows, the fact that adolescent girls are the most vulnerable is lesser known. Girls are more likely to be victims of violence, and there is a marked increase in child marriage, trafficking and early pregnancy. With camps at capacity, girls are two and a half times more likely than boys to be out of school.

You can view the short film, “Brave Girl Rising” at here. And here’s the trailer:



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