EXCLUSIVE: Proof That Nonda Has Been Working On Internal Sensors For It’s Flawed Smart Tire Monitoring System

I’ve been following the story of Nonda’s Smart Tire Monitoring System which used external sensors to monitor your tire pressures. Unfortunately these external sensors have a habit of fusing to the valve stems which require you to cut off the valve stems to put air in the tires. And that’s clearly a design flaw that Nonda hasn’t really owned up to other than to swap the sensors for new ones that will do the same thing. Which of course is a #Fail.

Well, you might remember that Nonda themselves let it slip that they were working on a system that used internal sensors which would be similar to those used by most cars that have tire pressure monitoring functionality which would not suffer from the same design flaw. But in the exclusive story that I wrote at the time, they tried to walk that back. But a few months later there was news that Nonda admitted again that they were working on a “version 2” of this system that wouldn’t have this issue. And they from what I can tell did not walk that back. Fast forward to today and I got a tip from a reader which has pretty much confirmed that Nonda has an internal version of the Smart Tire Monitoring System. The tip came in the form of a link to an online manual for the “Smart Tire Monitoring System (Pro Edition)” which uses internal sensors. I ran through the manual and in my opinion it is the real deal. And my tipster also told me the following via email. I have copied and pasted it directly:

I asked them to replace my set to this one and they declined my request. 

Also today i got mail from them that I could be able to replace my set to new version once it will be released. 

So clearly, Nonda is in the process of getting this new version of their so far flawed Smart Tire Monitoring System to market. But they’re doing that while still selling the known to be flawed system to those who would not be aware of the issues that this system has as evidenced by this link from the Nonda webiste. From my perspective, that’s not a cool thing to do and Nonda should really alter it’s behavior accordingly. But given that they seem to be willing to sell a known to be problematic product, I say that you shouldn’t touch any of their products with a 10 foot barge pole as clearly this isn’t the sort of company that you should be dealing with.

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