BREAKING: Apple iCloud Is Down For Many [UPDATED x7]

Apple is not having a good 4th of July as Apple’s system status page is noting the downtime across almost all of its iCloud services. That includes Apple Pay, Screen Time, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone among other services. And it’s trending on Twitter which is never a good thing for a company who is suffering an outage.

What’s worse is that if you want to buy something at an Apple Store, apparently you can’t:

There doesn’t seem to be any ETA for resolution. But you can be sure that Apple is trying to get things working as fast as possible as this has to be embarrassing for them.

UPDATE: About the same time that the iCloud outage happened, this happened:

UPDATE #2: Apple Pay and Apple Cash issues appear to be resolved as per the Apple Status Page.

apple pay

UPDATE #3: GameCenter issues appear to be resolved.


UPDATE #4: iCloud Mail issues have been resolved.

icloud mail

UPDATE #5: iCloud services are coming back online. This is the current state of play.


UPDATE #6: iCloud Reminders and iCloud Calendar are the only things that are not working. All other iCloud services have been restored.

UPDATE #7: The outage is over as all services have been restored.

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