Bell Jacks Their Throttling Limit To 512Kbps For Their Unlimited Plans….. And Does A Little Bit More

In this post from last week where TELUS made the change to make their unlimited plans part of their regular offerings, I was expecting Bell to do the same. Instead they did something different. According to Mobilesyrup, they did two things.

The first thing that they did was they increased the throttling speed from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps which matches TELUS but also leaves Rogers who still offers 256 Kbps in the cold. Thus I fully expect a response from Rogers on that front.

The second thing that they did is as follows:

Further, Bell confirmed to MobileSyrup that it had extended the promotional Bell Unlimited plans, and there is currently no end date. When the plans initially launched, the website listed an end date of June 30th.

Clearly Bell doesn’t want to commit to making unlimited plans part of their normal offerings for reasons only they understand. From my perspective that’s kind of lame seeing as their two main competitors have committed to unlimited plans which means that Bell really has no choice but to do the same thing.

Watching the “big 3” actually try and compete with each other is kind of interesting. I wonder what’s going to happen next on this front?


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