Guest Post: Hisense Tells You How To Check That Gamer Off Your List

It’s the time of year to make that list and check it twice.

Of course checking it is the easy part. The real challenge is making the list in the first place. Even if you know what you want to get people, there is always the risk they won’t like it, it’s the wrong size or not the right kind of item. That is particularly true if you have a video gamer in your life, and you would like to get them the right set up so they can fully enjoy their hobby.

“While it is the thought that counts, you are best to do a bit of research to make sure you are getting the right item,” says Travis Thompson, a product training expert with Hisense Canada. “Not just any TV will do for today’s video game consoles. You need a high resolution, stark contrasts and a quick-moving screen to keep up with action without any lag time.”

When shopping for a TV for the gamer on your list, Travis recommends looking for the following:

  • Resolution — 4K is pretty much a given on any new TV nowadays, but all of the modern game consoles are now in 4K resolution. To get the most out of the gaming system, it is best to have a TV that matches what the console supports.
  • HDR — The short form of high-dynamic range, it means the TV has a massive range of colours, which appear brighter and in greater contrast. It is great for dark scenes in games.
  • Low Input Lag — Video games move fast, and if your refresh or motion rate is low the images on the screen will blur. Look for a refresh rate of 120Hz for crisp, clear action the screen at all times.
  • MEMC — A chip (Motion Estimation / Motion Compensation) that is used to interpolate extra images on your TV, which is a fancy way of saying it works with the refresh or motion rate to smooth out the picture.
  • Local Dimming — By automatically dimming the backlight on black parts of the image on the screen, local dimming gives deeper and darker blacks and better contrast and colour accuracy.

“Some TVs are ideally for watching movies, others for sports and some for video games,” says Travis. “The Hisense H8 family of 4K ULED TVs is perfectly suited for that escape into the alternate reality of video games.”

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