ASUS & Qnext Sign Partnership To Integrate FileFlex On ASUS Routers

Qnext Corp. today announced that ASUS will now globally integrate FileFlex with its most popular SMB router for the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) – the RT-AC68U. This integration transforms the router into a 2-way smart hub that enables ultra-secure remote access, sharing and streaming of router-attached USB storage and the storage of the router-networked devices as well as a multi-media hub that automatically backs up and stores photos and videos from smart phones and tablets.

When combined with FileFlex, the ASUS router becomes a powerful, smart remote access gateway into all content that the router connects to.  Now an ASUS router can be used to securely access, share, stream and perform remote multi-device file management functions to any and all content that is on the router’s USB and the router’s network from anywhere the user is located. Every ASUS RT-AC68U router comes with a complimentary pre-paid one-year single user subscription (value $34.95).

The FileFlex integration also turns an ASUS router into a hub for multimedia and digital content. Users can set their tablets and smart phones to automatically back up photos and videos to whatever storage is attached or networked to the router. There is no limit to the number of mobile devices that can be backed up and the backup can be configured to only occur with connected via WiFi so as not to consume a user’s cellular data.

Selected as a Red Herring Top 100 Global winner for disruptive technology and recognition of the technology industry’s most exciting and innovative private companies, Qnext Corp. is an innovator in file sharing and collaboration software based on edge computing technology, including integration with the latest Intel SGX secure enclave technology. FileFlex Enterprise, an on-premise file sharing and collaboration solution, provides a highly secure hybrid point-to-point, software-only service that allows organizations to remotely access, share, stream, manage and collaborate 100% of their data from source locations.   For more information visit

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