Telehealth Platform GetOn Health Adds COVID-19 Screening Capabilities

GetOn Health, a product of GeneratorWorks, is a simple-to-use telehealth platform designed by doctors – for doctors. Today, GetOn Health has announced the addition of new features and a partnership with clinical algorithm platform SmartDocMD.

The new features and partnership are aimed specifically to support our healthcare professionals and their patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together, GetOn Health and SmartDocMD have released SecurePass, a digital COVID-19 risk stratification and screening survey. With bold and proactive steps, SecurePass creates a solution that effectively surveys patients and healthcare communities to identify possible COVID-19 risks. With this information at hand, physicians, healthcare facilities and public health officers can better inform and remotely support those showing possible high-risk indicators.

SecurePass is powered by SmartDocMD’s clinical algorithms that combine CDC and Health Canada Guidelines for risk assessment, patient symptoms, and medical comorbidities to identify and help segregate higher-risk patients.

The product identifies patient demographics, geolocation, risk factors, illness symptoms, severity and comorbid conditions that can be viewed in real-time and shared with GetOn Health platform, the physicians that use GetOn Health, as well as infectious disease teams, including the Chief Public Health Offices in Canada.

GetOn Health’s new feature has the ability to rapidly reach patients while enabling telehealth options to “schedule a telehealth visit with your doctor”. Furthermore, the patient can be asked to take the SecurePass survey to assist the doctor in prioritizing those patients who may need the most attention first.

For both doctors and administrators, GetOn Health offers easy and efficient virtual clinic operations that are cloud-based, simple to log-in and all data is securely stored in Canada. It includes prompted patient encounters, session tracking, simply video interaction, notes, interaction with your administration, group functions and overall guidance for reimbursable codes (including the new telehealth codes for COVID-19). The system will also complete reports for exporting billing of services related to codes and summarize performance.

For more information on SecurePass, visit To connect with the SecurePass team, email or call 216-273-8200.

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