ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Now Being Used By The Toronto District School Board

Serving families in Canada’s largest metropolitan community where parents expect the best tools for managing COVID-19 will be used, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) knew it needed to use technology to help students return to school safely.

Having already implemented ServiceNow’s ITSM capabilities back in 2017, the TDSB turned to ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace app suite to manage a safe return to school – making it the only school district in Ontario to use public-facing apps to manage its response to COVID-19.

  • The Readiness Surveys app gathered real-time data on student preparedness to return to school, revealing that 27 per cent required accommodations to begin their studies – more than double what they had anticipated. 
  • By working with Toronto Public Health, the TDSB was able to optimize ServiceNow’s Health Screening app to meet provincial requirements and streamline the process for ensuring students and their families complete the necessary health checks before returning to school on a daily basis.
  • Intelligent chat features enabled parents to reach out with questions, and this information was connected to the ServiceNow platform so it could be routed to service desk agents when necessary.
  • Leveraging the power of ServiceNow’s Now Platform, all data collected by these apps are organized into a single view in the Safe Workplace Dashboard. This enables the TDSB to communicate with students and parents quickly and easily, while helping school staff to manage the logistics of ensuring students are safe while learning on site and at home.

Today, all of the TDSB’s 500+ schools are open and more than 50,000 students and families are using the apps every day.

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