BREAKING: Cogeco Is Suffering A Major Outage

Canadian telco Cogeco appears to be having a major outage with their Internet product. Reports started to appear on Down Detector at around 10AM EST and Cogeco has admitted to having issues on Twitter:

With people working from home and students doing remote learning, this is going to be highly disruptive to Cogeco customers. Hopefully this gets sorted quickly. I’ll keep you updated if I learn anything new on this.

UPDATE: Apparently this is some sort of DNS issue as people who change their DNS settings to something other than Cogeco’s DNS servers can get online. If you have this issue, you might try what I wrote here to see if you can get yourself online.

UPDATE #2: This appears to be resolved:

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  1. […] Apparently this is a DNS issue again. That means the fix that I suggested in this story about Cogeco’s outage from earlier this week should work. If you try it and it works, please let me know in the comments. I also still am […]

  2. […] none of them were Canadian. That changed when I became aware of the CIRA Canadian Shield via the two outages that Canadian ISP Cogeco had recently which were DNS related. And the fix was to use a third party […]

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