BREAKING: Twitter Suspends Trumps Twitter Account “Permanently”

Two days after being suspended for 12 hours if he didn’t delete three Tweets that led to violence on Capitol Hill, President Donald Trump is in trouble again with Twitter. But this time it looks like it will be permanent. Twitter has locked his Twitter account and put out these series of Tweets to explain why:

So just like that, Donald Trump and his 88 million or so followers are gone forever from Twitter. And unsurprisingly, his offspring are not happy:

This clown doesn’t get it. Or maybe he does and doesn’t want to admit it. Who knows? But daddy has used his Twitter account for years to spread lies, hate and incite violence. Sooner or later that was going to cross a line and today it has. And as a result Twitter snapped their fingers like Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame and he is gone along with his 88 million followers as if they were Thanos and his army.

Sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen that movie as that was a spoiler.

In any case, am I happy about this? Sure. But here’s the problem with this whole episode. Trump should have been kicked off Twitter years ago. Jack Dorsey who is the CEO of Twitter had ample opportunity to shut this clown down as he’s crossed these lines again and again and they didn’t. And as a result his influence over other humans who subscribe to Trump’s view of the universe grew. And this was happening long before he became president. And when he did become president it became worse as nobody wanted to take him on and introduce him to common decency. But that changed when a mob attacked the Capitol 14 days from the end of his presidency. Then Dorsey and company got the testicles to do something about it. It’s great that Twitter finally did the right thing, but they did an #EpicFail by not doing it sooner.

Now Facebook, and YouTube, will you do the right thing, as late as it might be? The world is watching.

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