BREAKING: Cogeco Internet Is Down For The Second Time This Week…. And Apparently So Is Rogers And Bell

I am hearing and seeing reports of Cogeco Internet being down for the second time this week across Ontario. Cogeco itself admits this:

The thing is that they are not alone. Rogers and Bell are having outages as well. At least according to users:

The difference is that I cannot find any evidence of Rogers admitting this. Though there is a lot of people on Twitter who have Rogers or Bell saying that they are down. For myself personally, I am online and I have no issues at the moment. Thus this requires some further investigation to find out what is actually happening.

Updates to come.

UPDATE: Apparently this is a DNS issue again. That means the fix that I suggested in this story about Cogeco’s outage from earlier this week should work. If you try it and it works, please let me know in the comments. I also still am hearing sporadic reports of Rogers and Bell having outages continue. But I can’t find definitive proof of that.

UPDATE #2: The latest Cogeco outage appears to be resolved as per this:

And it looks like Rogers and Bell might have had issues as well. But not widespread ones based on looking at Twitter.

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  1. […] when I became aware of the CIRA Canadian Shield via the two outages that Canadian ISP Cogeco had recently which were DNS related. And the fix was to use a third party DNS server. Here’s what Canadian […]

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