Darktrace Version 5 Released

Darktrace, the world’s leading cyber AI company, today launched Version 5 of its autonomous, self-learning Darktrace Immune System for general availability, empowering organizations to embrace the advantages of the cloud, while protecting against novel cyber-threats.  

Powered by self-learning Cyber AI, the Darktrace Immune System works by learning the normal ‘pattern of life’ of an organization, and can interrupt in-progress attacks across today’s digital infrastructure, including the cloud, email, and home office environments.  

Version 5 of the Darktrace Immune System represents a fundamental upgrade for Darktrace customers, and includes: 

  • Autonomous Response for Software as a Service (SaaS) Tools  

Darktrace Antigena can take real-time action to stop in-progress attacks to cloud and SaaS tools, including Microsoft 365 and Zoom 

  • Human-triggered, Automated Threat Investigations 

Cyber AI Analyst delivers automated investigations across cloud, SaaS and ICS environments, and can be triggered by humans, or third-party security tools 

  • SaaS Threat Visualization  

New, intuitive visualization console for oversight of SaaS-based threats, seamlessly harmonized with other interface views 

  • 100% Protection of Dynamic Workforce  

New Client Sensorsextend Darktrace’s visibility and cyber protection to all remote workers, on clients on or off VPN 

  • Cloud-Native Delivery — Darktrace’s flexible delivery options include 100% cloud-hosted deployments, with AWS Marketplace 

Read more about the Darktrace Immune System Version 5 on the Darktrace blog. To hear from leading industry speakers and learn more about these new product innovations, register now for the Darktrace Cyber AI Forum. 

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