New Zealand Hospitals Pwned By Ransomware…. Some Surgeries Cancelled

New Zealand’s Waikato District Health Board (DHB) has been hit with ransomware that took down most IT services Tuesday morning and drastically reduced services at six of its affiliate hospitals:

Waikato District Health Board’s entire IT service is down due to a major cyber attack affecting all clinical services and forcing patient appointments to be cancelled.

“We have engaged external assistance to address a cyber security incident affecting our Information Services environment,” the DHB said in a Facebook post this morning.

Government agencies have been advised and an investigation is under way, the DHB said.

The people claiming to behind this have made contact with the health board according to this report:

As well as bringing in outside cyber security experts, the National Cyber Security Centre was also guiding his team in how to deal with those claiming to be the hackers, Snee said.

“We’ve had a communication, but whether that is from the … malicious actors or whether it is somebody else – we have to check the veracity of that,” he said.

As a result, some surgeries and other procedures have been cancelled. Which makes this event non-trivial. This is the second health group in the last week or two to be hit by ransomware. That highlights the fact that everyone needs to up their cybersecurity game to stop themselves from being the next headline in the news for being pwned. Not to mention the fact that it has significant knock on effects.

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