Bad News….Hackers Are Selling Data Stolen From Audi & Volkswagen

You might recall that I wrote about the data from millions of Volkswagen and Audi getting out in the wild. Now the situation has gotten worse. On Monday, hackers put the data stolen from the car maker on sale on a notorious hacking forum:

In the sales listing reviewed by Motherboard, a hacker that goes by 000 wrote that the data included email addresses and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). The hacker also posted two samples of the data, which included full names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers. The type of data seems to align with what Volkwagen admitted was stolen. In a website set up by a cybersecurity vendor on behalf of the car maker, Volkswagen said that “the majority” of affected data included: “first and last name, personal or business mailing address, email address, or phone number. In some instances, the data also included information about a vehicle purchased, leased, or inquired about, such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, year, color and trim packages.” 

But for 90,000 victims, the data also included “more sensitive information relating to eligibility for a purchase, loan, or lease. Nearly all of the more sensitive data (over 95%) consists of driver’s license numbers,” according to the company, which added that the majority of data pertains to Audi customers and interested buyers in the US and Canada only. The company also said it believes the data was left unsecured by a vendor. (Audi is owned by the Volkswagen Group.) “There were also a very small number of dates of birth, Social Security or social insurance numbers, account or loan numbers, and tax identification numbers,” the website read.

This situation requires a strong response from authorities. As in Volkswagen needs to be punished for this severely as letting this data out into the wild is completely unacceptable. Hopefully that punishment is coming swiftly.

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