CEO Of The NSO Group To The World: You Have Nothing To Worry About

The charm offensive by the NSO group continues. Shalev Hulio CEO and cofounder of NSO Group spoke to Forbes magazine and had this to say:

As for the average person, they’ve no need to fear NSO Group, he insists, as his company is only going to flex its technical muscle and break into the Apple and Google phones of serious criminals. “The people that are not criminals, not the Bin Ladens of the world—there’s nothing to be afraid of. They can absolutely trust on the security and privacy of their Google and Apple devices.”

I’m going to call BS on that.

The problem with spyware this powerful is that someone outside of the people that NSO Group sells to can get their hands on it and then it could become something that is more broadly used and affect you, I, and everyone else. That’s on top of the fact that any one of the NSO Group’s customers can use this spyware and simply go rogue and do whatever they want. The fact is that this this spyware is dangerous and shouldn’t exist. But it does and if you’re not concerned about this, you should be. Now I get why the NSO is taking this stance. They have a business that they need to run and make money from. And this whole controversy is a massive distraction from that core mission. So they have to try and spin this in any way they can. Which is why you simply cannot trust the NSO Group. And by extension, you shouldn’t believe the above statement.

One Response to “CEO Of The NSO Group To The World: You Have Nothing To Worry About”

  1. […] keeps mounting that The NSO Group’s spyware is out there being used for any and all purposes. Which contradicts The NSO Group’s claim that if you’re not a bad guy you have nothing to…. That’s completely unacceptable and needs to be addressed by going after not only The NSO […]

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