NSO Group To World: It’s Not Our Fault

The NSO Group is hitting back as claims of its spyware going after all sorts of high value targets circulate. It’s current (as this might change the longer that this story is out there) response to this is this: It’s not us, it’s our customers fault.

But on Wednesday, the spokesman said: “If I am the manufacturer of a car and now you take the car and you are driving drunken and you hit somebody, you do not go to the car manufacturer, you go to the driver. 

“We are sending the system to governments, we get all the correct accreditation and do it all legally. 

“You know, if a customer decides to misuse the system, he will not be a customer anymore. 

“But all the allegations and all the finger-pointing should be at the customer.”

Well, on one hand their drunk driver analogy is a novel point. But on the other hand, when you produce military grade spyware and from all reports sell it to countries that don’t exactly have the best reputations when it comes to human right among other areas. And surprise they misuse it in ways that are horrible, you can’t be surprised that some will point the finger at the maker of said spyware as being the culprit. The fact is that this is an example where a company has to question if they are in the right line of business if their product has all of these negative effects. Or perhaps NSO group is too busy counting the dollars that their sales produce to really care. Methinks it’s the latter.

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