A Follow Up To The Email #Scam That Claims That You Did A Hit And Run

I recently posted a story on an email scam that claims that you did a hit and run and that you needed to call a number to sort things out. Which means that you’re handing over money to a scammer. Well, the same person who tipped me off to this scam got another email from the same scammers. But the email is different. Let me show you the email:

Let’s dissect this scam email:

  • Even though I redacted the email address, it comes from a gmail.com account. No business would use a gmail.com account. That’s your first hint that this is a scam.
  • The email uses the recipients name. So it is targeted.
  • The English is pretty bad. Another hint that this is a scam.
  • The name of the insurance company has the word “Insurance” twice. #Fail.
  • The date of the supposed accident in the subject line is different than the date in the body of the email. #Fail
  • They threaten to send your info to the cops. Which is meant to make you call them.

And just like the last scam email, my attempt to call the number (which is different than the last scam email that I wrote about) to find out how they perpetrate that scam while blocking the number that I was calling from failed with an immediate hang up. So this suggests that this is from the same group of scammers as they clearly want to grab your number.

The bottom line is this. Clearly this scam is an active one. You need to keep your eyes open to make sure that you don’t become a victim. Thus if you get one of these emails, delete it from your inbox and move on with your day.

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